50 Cent Says Suge Knight Was “Going to Kill” Dr. Dre

G-Unit members 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks were guests on yesterday’s The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105. He detailed his relationship with Dr. Dre, which he specifies is no longer exactly a friendship.

“I don’t call to talk to him for no reason,” he says. “I think that relationship was business. For a long time, I was a New York Knick player in the middle of the LA locker room. Interscope was the West Coast when it was East Coast/West Coast going on, and I never really saw them respond properly to Game’s disrespect when it happened ’cause they had some sort of allegiance to the West or something. I was like, ‘You know I wrote the records?'”

But 50 adds that his strained relationship with Dre’s right-hand business man, Jimmy Iovine, might’ve been the driving wedge between the parties.

“Overall, I think the disconnect between me and Jimmy created the distance between me and Dre,” 50 explains.

Yayo also jumped in to share his distaste for Dre’s lack of support for G-Unit.

“We beat somebody up for Dr. Dre,” he says. “I could say it now. No disrespect to LA, but it was a whole bunch of New York dudes beating somebody up for Dre. He’s cool. I like his music and everything. I just feel when you beat somebody up, I feel like they owe you a little bit.”

The juiciest part of the interview, however, may be when 50 not-so-subtly hints that Suge Knight was actually plotting to murder Dre. Why? Simply because Dre just wasn’t as productive as Tupac was during his tenure at Death Row.

“Suge was gonna kill Dre,” 50 Cent says.

50 then switches over to speaking from Knight’s perspective: “‘How do I keep him? Maybe I’ll give him Dre’s half. I don’t know. Something might have to happen to Dre.'”

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