Actor Who Looks Nothing Like Rivers Cuomo Will Play Rivers Cuomo In Sitcom

In August, it was announced that Weezer frontman/former weirdo Rivers Cuomo was getting his very own Fox sitcom pilot inspired by his life. Cuomo, who was raised in an ashram nicknamed Yogaville, put his rockstar life on hold one year following the release of Weezer’s debut Blue Album and left to pursue academia at Harvard University. It was also during this time that Cuomo chose to correct his left leg, which was shorter than his right leg, with a painful metal brace.

Today, Deadline is reporting that Brit actor Ben Aldridge (BBC’s Our Girl) will be portraying the character inspired by Cuomo… although Aldridge doesn’t really look a whole lot like Cuomo circa his Harvard years, but that’s probably nothing a pair of Buddy Holly glasses won’t fix. Joey Morgan will be playing the role of Cuomo’s young college roommate, and as announced previously, Psych creator Steve Franks will be writing the show Cuomo will be serving as producer. So far, Fox has ordered a pilot episode. From there, the network will decide whether or not the show has potential as a series—or whether or not we’ll actually get to see an episode.

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