Indie Pop Singer Frankie Perfects the Catchy Pop Hook

Indie pop singer Frankie is all set to have a great year. The Los Angeles-by-way-of-Oakland artist is making her SxSw debut in Austin this month, and will be releasing her six-song EP Dreamstate in April. Her first single, “Problems Problems,” evokes the same Katy Perry-like imagery of sunny skies and bubble gum from the girl-next-door, but with an edge. Maybe Frankie’s musical influences can explain her musical style:  “I grew up idolizing Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, ABBA — and don’t forget the Spice Girls!”

Hometown: Oakland, California. I have some serious Bay Area pride.

Current residence: Los Angeles.

Why is your EP titled Dreamstate?

I named my EP Dreamstate to really emphasize that way of songwriting that had never happened to me before. Those songs that came to me like that are so special to me.

I wrote half of the songs with my three bandmates/best friends on a writing retreat by the beach, which was so inspiring, but the other half of the EP was written in that moment when you are about to fall asleep and your brain is totally relaxed and a channel is almost opened. I noticed one night that full songs (lyrics and melodies) were coming to me and I immediately grabbed my phone to quickly record them before falling asleep and forgetting everything. It was such a strange way of writing, but also something I’m treasuring.

What’s the last dream you remember having?

I was getting ready to play a show and for some reason I had forgotten all my stage clothes and makeup and ran home to get them, but then got super distracted because I ran into a Spice Girl and then just ran back and ended up performing in regular clothes and no makeup.

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