Los Angeles Duo Prints_ Transforms Darkness

Sounding like a distance cousin to Purity Ring, Prints_ find a way to turn a warped sense of sadness into something likelier to banish the blues than give misery its company. Filmmaker and musician Carol Rhyu lends her breathless vocals to the piercing electronic melodies created by beat-maker Keil Corcoran (who also drums for Starfucker/STRFKR).

The duo is hyper new, but it hasn’t held them back from carving out their own spot on the internet. Since launching in January, the pair have already released a music video alongside a steady stream of tracks and topped the Hype Machine.

Members: Keil Corcoran, Carol Rhyu

Homebase: Los Angeles

How did you guys come together for this musical project?

Keil: I had been writing a lot of electronic music but was a bit stuck when it came to writing and recording vocals. I found Carol’s previous project White Blush and thought she had an amazing voice so asked her if she wanted to start collaborating.

What inspired your name?

Keil: I think we found the simplicity of it appealing, and also that it sounds like “Prince” when spoken aloud.

You guys seemed to appear out of nowhere already fully formed with tracks and a video. How long have you been working on this and did you plan to have everything ready before launching? 

Keil: We’ve been working on tracks for the last year, we kind of take them one at a time. Some friends from Madrid made the video and we had some finished songs that had yet to be released so it seemed like the right time.

You both moved from elsewhere to LA. What keeps you here?

Carol: LA is a beautiful and perfect place for working and living. It’s very sprawling so you can go get lost for long stretches of time, and I think that’s what excites me the most and makes me want to live here and do stuff.

There’s a moodiness and also a haunting quality to the music you make. Do you set out with an intention or vibe you’re hoping attain? What’s your writing/collaboration process like?

Keil: We don’t really set out to write a specific type of music, it just kind of ends up sounding the way it does. We send a lot of ideas back and forth and the ones that tend to work and that we agree upon have a kind of dark mood.

What would you count as your influences for this project?

Carol: I think I’m partly influenced by people I’ve maybe briefly known or met, mostly people I don’t know, I kind of make up stuff about them and imagine they are feeling sad and don’t know why.

If you could soundtrack any movie, what would it be?

Carol: Blade Runner. I really like the part in the film about the empathy test. I feel like it is kind of hard to be empathic, like genuinely. It’s not good.

What are your goals as a band? What does the rest of the year look like in terms of more output?

Keil: We’re going to keep releasing songs. We have a lot of ideas that we’ll be fleshing out over the coming months. Our plan is to have enough for a full length by the end of summer. We’ve started to think about the live setup so I imagine we’ll begin booking shows in the LA area soon.

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